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Nexus Youth and Families

Restoring hope, building futures, and strengthening our communities through programs with youth, young adults and families.

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Phone: 253-939-2202

About Us

Since 1973 Nexus Youth and Families has been answering the call of the most vulnerable populations of South King County. Working closely with homeless youth and their families, Nexus Youth and Families offers a continuum of services including emergency shelter programs, substance use disorder treatment and prevention, behavioral healthcare, and case management services to help them on their path to realizing a better, brighter future.

Whether they are escaping violence or substance abuse in the home, being challenged by mental illness, or simply needing help navigating the difficulties of being a young person Nexus Youth and families has always maintained as a center of understanding, stability, and growth within our community.

Whatever the reason young people and their families seek out Nexus Youth and Families, we will continue to offer them the same thing we offer all our clients - the support, safety, and stability needed to pursue success and create a brighter future.

We believe every young person is one helping hand away from achieving success.

Our Mission

"Restoring hope, building futures, and strengthening communities through programs with youth, young adults, and families."


Our mission for the past forty five years has remained the same : to empower youth, young adults, and families through comprehensive emergency services, case management, and behavioral healthcare.


Our Vision

We are working towards our vision of a world where every youth, young adult, and family is healthy, housed, and connected within their community.

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