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Behavioral Health Services

Our Behavioral Health department focuses on offering evidence-based care to youth and families, tailored to their specific needs and concerns. By offering a wide array of services and programs we ensure that every family coming to Nexus Youth and Families can find the help they need. 

Our services begin at infancy, with our Infant Mental Health programs. By supporting new parents with the challenges faced in infancy, we can empower them to be more effective in their parenting strategies.

For those out of infancy, our services extend to 24 years of age, as well as to the families of our clients. Many times the difficulties faced by an individual in our care are directly related and intertwined with the difficulties faced by other members of the family. Through group, individual, and family therapy we work to identify these challenges and provide safe, effective strategies to overcome the barriers to success that they create.

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Infant Mental Health

Parents and caregivers know that early intervention is critical to the well being of young children. Our evidence-based Parent-Child Interaction Therapy is designed to strengthen parenting skills and alleviate behavioral challenges within the parent-child relationship. This program uses live coaching to help parents of all ages learn new skills to manage difficult behaviors and improve familial bonds.


Individual and Family Counseling

We provide individual and family counseling services that utilize best practice family therapy models. Our therapists help families build healthy, structured households, improve parenting skills, enhance communication, and assist in creating a network of resources within and outside of Nexus Youth and Families. 

Play and Art Therapy

It can be difficult to get young children to express complex concepts, especially those related to trauma and abuse. Our therapists use specialized play and art therapy techniques to help children act out internal conflicts, reestablish trust, and work through the effects of trauma. Play and art therapy can be a way of giving children effected by trauma their own voice, even when they are too young for words.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Nexus Youth and Families provides ASAM Level 1 outpatient treatment for young people effected by substance use disorder. We utilize group methods to improve goal setting, analyze coping skills and emotions, work on stress management, and highlight the effects of drugs and alcohol on young lives. Our therapists create individualized treatment plans for each client in our care, and instigate intervention programs in homes and schools across South King County to stop substance abuse before it starts. 

Group Counseling

Our group counseling services help young people who are struggling with social challenges find common ground with people like themselves. Our groups specialize in anger management and social skills development, with the goal of reducing aggression, alleviating conflicts in school and home, correcting bullying behavior, and improving connectivity with peers. For more information on what groups we are offering send us an email!

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