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Nexus Youth and Families

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Homeless Services

Our Homeless Services department offers a continuum of care, meeting youth where they are and empowering them to achieve success. Our process begins with our Street Outreach efforts. Our Street Outreach team bring youth at home, in school, and on the streets information and supplies to make their lives easier. By connecting with them where they are, we improve the likelihood of those youth seeking services in the future. 

Once youth know about our services, the process can continue. We operate two emergency shelters which provide beds, laundry and shower services, hot meals, and the opportunity to connect with case management to youth in need. Our youth shelter offers around-the-clock care in addition to being a general support network, ensuring especially vulnerable youth are given the attention they require.

Our case managers work with civic services, local businesses, apartment owners, and other entities to help youth achieve their goals. We assist in finding work, continuing education, accessing transitional housing, and even provide support after youth leave our care. 

Have questions or interested in accessing Homeless services? Click the button below to send us a message.

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Street Outreach

Street Outreach is the first step in the process of ending youth homelessness. With backpacks loaded with resource flyers, hygiene packs, and snacks  our Street Outreach team goes out into the cities of South King County and provides information and support to young people in need free of cost.

By having a team out in the streets, we can connect vulnerable youth to services the moment a need is identified.


Arcadia Young Adult Shelter

The Arcadia shelter provides young adults ages 18 to 24 years old with nightly access to meals, shower services, laundry, and safe, comfortable beds free of charge. Computers are on hand for those who need to do schoolwork or job-related activities, as well as movies and games for those who want to relax. Case managers visit daily to connect with youth ready to take the next step.


Our South King County Youth Shelter provides around-the-clock care and support for youth under the age of 18. SKYS is open to young people ages 12 to 17 who are temporarily out of the home, in transition, or experiencing homelessness. Direct care staff help clients stay in or reenter school, pursue work if applicable, and connect with additional services. Policies for SKYS vary from our adult emergency shelter services, so click the link below for more information.

Bridge Collaborative

The Bridge Collaborative program provides case management services to commercially sexually exploited youth or those at risk of exploitation. Open to ages 12 to 24, the Bridge Collaborative operates a hotline which is staffed 24 hours a day for referrals, questions, or to assist in determining whether a young person may be at risk of being exploited. This program works in tandem with other programs such as YouthCare, Friends of Youth, Nexus Youth and Families, and the Organization for Prostitution Survivors.

To get in contact with our Bridge Collaborative representative, please call 253-350-4561

Transitional Housing

Many young people who enter our emergency shelter programs go on to secure transitional housing as part of their path to success. We currently offer two transitional housing programs open to youth ages 18 to 24 years old, which are accessed through CEA.

For more information on our transitional housing programs, send us a message.

Youth and Family Connection Network

The Youth and Family Connection Network provides case management for young people ages 12 to 25 and their families with the goal of diverting individuals from homelessness, and to reunify families with a safe support system. Referrals can come from anywhere, and support is provided to the entire family. This program works in tandem with our emergency shelter and case management programs, as well as collaborating with YouthCare and Friends of Youth.

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