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Donation Needs for January 2019

As the new year begins, our need for clothing, warmth items, and supplies increases. Here's a look at our most in-demand items.

January can be one of the coldest, wettest months here in Auburn. That means clients are coming into shelter with soaked, dirty, and worn-out clothes. With the weather as harsh and unpredictable as it is hypothermia and infection are real concerns our young people are facing.

The most common clothing request we get from clients is for new shoes and underwear, especially from clients who are otherwise unsheltered during the day.

Here's a list of some of the items we're most in need of, and how you can help out our clients by providing them!


A clean pair of underwear is something a majority of us take for granted. We pop them on in the morning, throw them in the hamper at night, and when we're all out we do a load of laundry and start the process all over again. For youth experiencing homelessness, it's not that easy.

Many young people who are unsheltered or otherwise homeless go days if not weeks without laundry services of any kind, and often have only a few pairs of underwear in their possession. This poses a social challenge, as youth feel unclean due to re-wearing underwear, as well as a health risk due to bacteria and irritation.

We are constantly in need of new, unworn underwear of all styles and adult sizes.

Basic T's and Sweatshirts

Having a variety of simple, logo-free shirts and sweaters gives youth the freedom of choice when it comes to dressing themselves. Specific brands, colors, and styles may be related to gang activity or carry social stigma, so classic plain white T's and sweaters are best.

All genders need staple items like these for layering and every-day wear, and many of the youth at Nexus Youth and Families report needing basic pieces for work uniforms and interviews.

Long and short sleeve styles are appreciated, with heavier options being useful most of the year. Shirts tend to dirty quickly, so having a stockpile of sizes allows us to better serve clients in our care.

Sweatpants, Shorts, and Joggers

Because we provide services to a wide variety of shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, having pants with specific sizing can pose a challenge. Unless from size 0 to 16 in a specific pair of jeans we have no way of offering clients a choice in the clothes they receive. Sweat pants, shorts, and joggers offer more fluid sizing options while still being appropriate for public wear. We can always use more sweatpants and basketball shorts, and leggings are becoming popular with some clients as the seasons begin to change. All sizes are needed, and basic colors or patterns are best.


We do not need socks. Currently our Marketing Person (me!) is drowning in socks, and there is no end in sight. Thank you to our local Auburn schools for their great work on their sock drives! We now have enough socks to create puppets for every resident of King County. We're going to need to run a foot drive next to keep up with all these socks.

All of the items outlined in this post are available for (tax-deductible!) donation via our Amazon wish-list here : http://a.co/3rREdDb

[but really, no more socks! please!]